Sunday, November 07, 2004


The Left’s Demons From “Jesus Land”

The Left is scrambling for excuses as to why they totally blew the last election. Duh...

It appears that the favorite excuse is going to be that some horrid conspiratorial mob of religious nuts had usurped power.

I just received an e-mail with a "new map of the US." The blue states are combined with Canada to form a, "United States of Canada," and the red states (which had a larger margin of voters for Bush) are labeled, "Jesus Land." Okay, that's reasonably witty -- but, meaningless.

I've never been a fan of religion in general, and I've found fundamentalists in particular to be extremely annoying on many occasions. I haven't seen them to be the great political threat that the Left wants them to be though. Ann Coulter gives an excellent overview of this issue in her book Slander. In the chapter, "Shadow boxing the Religious Right" she accurately asks why the media doesn’t talk about a, "Religious Left" when in fact there are many people who are religious and Left wing in their views (and well organized politically). If you've ever heard the typical rant of today's "progressive" in general, and don't see a dimension of "religious" fervor in their stance, you haven't been listening. (They're, of course not "religious," ...just "spiritual"). In a similar train of thought, why is it that those who are most vocal about the dangers of church-going folks, are equally defensive about fundamentalists Islam -- which is actually a serious threat? (I still keep hearing about that one Sikh guy who was killed by some nut after 9/11). There are even school lessons now that make a point of preaching the virtues of Islam as an exercise in political correctness. Ironically, these same clowns would actually fight to the end to prevent a manger scene from being displayed on public property.

Bush and several other Republicans did not win the recent election because of some red-necked boogieman called, "the Religious Right.” They won because there's a whole swath of land between New York and California that doesn't follow the drummer of elitist / Leftist - "progressive" nonsense.

I'd prefer that Jesus and Mohammad stay out of politics completely, but the fact that some common people don't see eye to eye with a self-righteous brigade of leftist elitists doesn’t bother me in the slightest.

"Jesus Saves,” Mohammad coerces, and the Left just keeps whining. Attempts by any group to make "morality" a part of public policy is pathetic, whether by some church-goin redneck or some holier than thou Hollywood socialist.

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